Tax Avoidance

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HMRC to investigate ‘Pandora Papers’ for tax avoidance in the UK

Tax avoidance concerns have been raised following the biggest document leak to date.   The ‘Pandora Papers’ include 12 million documents revealing offshore deals and investments of current and former world leaders, politicians, business leaders, and celebrities who have used tax avoidance schemes to hide their wealth. A number of high-profile individuals are included in

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Tax Updates

HM Treasury announces further tax consultations – how will you be affected?

Yesterday (23rd March)  the government published a series of consultations which outlined the plans to modernise Britain’s tax system, whilst rectifying flaws that cost £31bn every year. Here are some of the key announcements: Freelancers/self-employed to be taxed like employees The government will review the ‘pay-as-you-go’ system to start taxing self-employed workers in the same

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Returning NHS staff targeted

Tax avoidance promoters are targeting returning NHS staff for their schemes. HMRC announced that they are aware of “unscrupulous promoters of tax avoidance schemes are targeting workers returning to the National Health Service (NHS) to help respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.” HMRC warned returning staff to avoid signing up to such schemes, which they

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