Tax Investigations and Disclosures

Tax investigations by HMRC can be extremely stressful and potentially have an impact on your business and personal life.

Investigations range from enquiries into an individual’s tax return for a single year, to detailed reviews of complex financial affairs of large corporations, including UK and overseas entities stretching back several years.

It is our aim to relieve part of that stress by assisting clients who are the subject of direct and indirect tax investigations by HMRC.


Unrivalled knowledge of HMRC’s procedures and tactics.

Our network of former senior HMRC inspectors has over 220 years of combined experience.

This enables us to be in the best position to advise clients on the various approaches and strategies they have available to them. Once all the relevant facts have been determined, we will interact and co-operate with HMRC on your behalf, taking away the hassle of dealing with the inspectors.

We negotiate the best result for you.

Our role, in all investigation cases, is to establish the facts and determine the tax consequences. We will then negotiate the best position for you with HMRC, whilst resolving the problem on a civil basis in a time-efficient manner.

We advise clients on all types of investigations and disclosures:


We also work with legal advisors and act in cases where HMRC have decided to prosecute instead of dealing with a case on a civil basis. 

Depending on the requirements of the case, we can obtain bespoke advice from a number of leading Tax Counsels.


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