Research and Development Tax Credit Update

Research and Development Tax Credit Update

HMRC has provided an update on Research and Development Tax Credit payments, via the CIOT. Investigations into irregular claims are still ongoing. Furthermore, HMRC has made it clear that the investigations are to stop the abuse of the relief. However, delays in the processing time of claims have increased.
HMRC aims to either pay the payable tax credit or contact businesses within 40 days. Furthermore, the aim is to return to the standard 28 day processing time as fast as possible.
Research and Development Tax Relief

Processing Claims

To assist in the processing of claims, HMRC has issued guidance for businesses:
  • Complete all entries on the R&D section of the Corporation Tax Return form.
  • Submit additional information to support the claim. This can include an R&D report, which will help HMRC to process the claim faster.
  • Check the latest guidance on how to complete a Corporation Tax Return.
  • Incorrect, inflated or fraudulent claims may result in a penalty.
Claimants are being asked to remain patient and refrain from contacting the R&D helpline or mailbox. Meanwhile, agents are being urged to check the status via the company’s online account.

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More information on research and development tax credits can be found on our R&D page.

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This guide is an informative piece and does not constitute tax advice for individual matters.


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