New GDPR course

The new GDPR course from STS Training is perfect for staying up-to-date and compliant with the ever-changing data protection regulations.

Our comprehensive program covers everything you need to know, including what GDPR is, why it matters and its scope. We also cover the principles and rights that must be observed, including:

  • The responsibilities of data controllers and processors
  • GDPR enforcement
  • International GDPR regulations
  • GDPR compliance strategies
  • GDPR policies and procedures

and much more.

We also provide hands-on guidance on how to implement GDPR in your organisation.

With our GDPR course, you can be sure that your business is protected from legal liabilities while giving customers a safer and more secure environment.

Learn from our GDPR experts as you dive deep into GDPR’s legal complexities and understand how to ensure a GDPR-compliant organisation.

With STS Training, our course will allow you to stay up to date on GDPR regulations to stay ahead of the curve.

What is in the course?

gdpr course

The course follows a simple yet informative structure to make the experience easy for you.

GDPR can sometimes be a heavy topic. However, you and your clients need to know about it.

This course uses interactive training which utilises real-world examples to get a clear understanding of GDPR in a real-world context.

Multiple choices questions will be asked in the course to demonstrate your understanding.

And finally, once the course is complete, you will receive a downloadable certificate allowing you to showcase your knowledge and training regarding GDPR!

Take a look at what else we offer

Alongside GDPR, STS Training also covers other courses such as corporate criminal offence, anti-money laundering and the bribery act.

The team at STS are dedicated to providing high-quality training for a wide range of areas, ensuring that companies remain compliant and up-to-date on the latest regulations.

With its diverse and experienced team, STS has a wealth of knowledge in GDPR, corporate criminal offence and more.

Our online training is available at just £30 to £50 per course.

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