Inconsistent SEISS information delays HMRC’s processing of 2020/21 self-assessment tax returns 

HMRC have recently announced that they have come across several issues whilst processing a number of 2020/21 self-assessment tax returns, due to apparent inconsistencies in claims from previous SEISS grants.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants have produced a report into the matter stating that, HMRC have been unable to automatically process numerous 2020/21 self-assessment tax returns, as certain figures do not match their records for previous Self-Employment Income Support Scheme grants.

HMRC are planning to correct the returns to include the grants in the correct box. Once this is complete a SA302 tax calculation will be issued. The corrections will be made where the grants were not included on the tax return however, returns will be incorrect if the grants have been reported in the wrong box.

Where a taxpayer has reported the grants in the wrong box, they will either need to file an amendment or have their agent do so on their behalf.

HMRC are investigating why there has been a large number of returns not processed automatically.

To read the report in full, visit ICAEW.