HMRC text scam, HMRC fraud phone call – How to avoid it!

hmrc fraud phone call
Have you ever received a text message from someone that seems innocent enough at first but something feels off?
In most cases, you’d be correct!
At the moment there are many fraudsters posing Royal Mail, Amazon, and other big-name companies sending fake messages alerting people to missing parcels.
There have also been reports to HMRC that fraudsters are adopting this tactic and contacting Self Assessment customers offering fake tax rebates via email, text message, and by phone
How do you make sure you don’t fall for this HMRC fraud call?
HMRC is urging Self Assessment taxpayers to be alert to fraudsters and scams that ask their personal information or bank details.

Getting a HMRC fraud call?

hmrc fraud phone call

It was reported that in the twelve months leading to August 2022 there were 180,000 reports by the public of suspicious calls with 81,000 being offers of fake tax rebates by scammers.

It’s easy to get lost in the moment during a phone call, especially when the HMRC fraud call could be serious in tone.

So it’s important to be aware of the alarm bells that could present themselves.

Many who have fallen victim to these scams have highlighted that they were threatened over the phone with arrest for tax evasion.

It’s important to note that HMRC would not threaten legal action over the phone.

If you are contacted via WhatsApp or any social media channels, it’s a scam.

Before deleting the message, forward any details you have from the message to

Time on your side

The Customer Services Director General for HMRC, Myrtle Lloyd states;

“Never let yourself be rushed. If someone contacts you saying they’re from HMRC, wanting you to urgently transfer money or give personal information, be on your guard.”

Trust your gut

hmrc fraud phone call

If you’re thinking “this doesn’t feel right”, then your gut feeling may well be the correct one.

To ensure that the phone call/text/email was legitimate, follow up with an email or call to HMRC just to be sure.

They can confirm whether it is genuine contact, and if it does indeed end up being an attempt of a HMRC fraud call, they will record the information and investigate further.

The warning signs

HMRC fraud Phone call

Knowing the warning signs reduces the stress that these scammers inflict.

When it comes to phone calls, if the automated call instructs you to press 1 in order to speak to a caseworker, then this is a scam and the call must be stopped immediately.

This scam has been reported by victims and worried members of the public.

The details you need to declare to HMRC are the date of the call, the content of the call, and the phone number that was used.

Scammers utilise text messages in a very cunning way.

They can come across as legitimate messages with the link looking like a standard link.

But it’s important to know that HMRC will never ask you for personal or financial information via text.

If you or anyone you know has received this text; don’t open the link(s) in the message and email the details to

Additionally, you can forward the scam text to 60599 however network charges may be applicable.

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Sometimes, scams aren’t the only cause of stress for taxpayers.

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