Furlough scheme continues to phase out from 1 August

With most restrictions ending in England, the furlough scheme continues to phase out from 1 August 2021. From this date, employers will be required to contribute more towards their employee’s wages for hours not worked.

How much will employers contribute from 1 August?

From 1 August to 30 September 2021, employers will be required to contribute 20% towards employee’s wages, a 10% increase on contributions in July.

Throughout August and September, employees will receive 60% of their wages from the government and 20% from their employer, if they are on furlough.

When is the furlough scheme set to end?

Whilst the furlough scheme has been a lifeline for many jobs and businesses, it is due to come to an end on 30 September 2021, 18 months after it was originally introduced.

Any employers who are using the scheme to pay their employees, must submit their claims by 11.59pm on the following dates:

Claim for furlough days in:Claims must be submitted by:
July 202116 August 2021
August 202114 September 2021
September 202114 October 2021

Claims must be submitted via gov.uk


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Emily Dodds

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